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Lavoisier: The leading science and technology publisher in France

Over 10 000 titles in print

A worldwide dimension

Export sales

Over 20% of our turnover goes to export markets.

Professional exhibitions

We maintain a presence at many professional events worldwide. Every year, at the Frankfurt.
International Bookfair, translation rights are offered for sale from our stand in the science and technology publishers' hall, giving our titles international exposure.

Commercial activity

Over a million mailing pieces are sent out every year.
With our logistical support and technical infrastructure, coupled with the customer database of the Lavoisier professional bookshop, our promotional mailshots, which include:

Over 5000 booksellers (including 2000 abroad) are kept up-to-date each month with our new titles and new editions.
Depending on the type of publication, a press release is sent to relevant journalists, generating some 7000 articles and citations per year.

5 websites

We have 4 sites dedicated to our 4 publishing imprints:

A portal for our online scientific journals:

This site currently features our 34 published journals.
For each journal with its own website, you can: